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DS-LiFePO4 Energy Storage

Highly-waterproof designed, the battery
meets IP66 standards. Two interfaces
for voltage display and day display is on
the battery screen, and both of them can
be switched by touching the PUSH
button. The battery automatically
records the battery used days when it is
activated firstly.

The recording of the battery used days will
be started automatically when the battery
is used initially.

The battery has two states: activation or non-activation.
a) batteries are not activated when delivered from the factory. ”000” is displayed for the
days record which is in the forbidden state. The display functions of the voltage, power,
and the sound alarm are normal.
b) Generally, the battery can be activated when firstly used. However, batteries may have
 an activation delay due to different application situations. It is normal for this battery to
have 2% deviation on the battery used days.
c) the recorded days begin to accumulate after the battery is activated, and when the battery
is abnormal, the buzzer will give an alarm so as to prompt the users to maintain the battery timely.

Monitor Voltage, Capacity and
Used Days in Real Time

Alarm for Abnormality

The battery screen shows “maintain” when the voltage is abnormal or the battery is short of capacity,
and the buzzer will give an alarm which can prompt the users to maintain in time.

With LiFePO4 cell, the battery
performance is more superior.

·Eco-friendly, non-corrosive liquid, no harmful heavy metals.
·Longer service life, twice than that of lead-acid battery.
·Deep discharge, 100% deeply discharge.
·Lighter weight, only one-half that of lead-acid battery.
·High safety, LiFePO4 cell material is superiorly stable.

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