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Housing Power System

Can be used in LED lighting, fans, mobile phone charging,Refrigerator, TV and other electrical equipment.

*TV and refrigerator can be only use on the 5A DC port.

Can Be Used On Various Home Appliance

Two Options of Charging

XT60 charging port

According to the different situation,The user can freely choose the charging by solar panel or by the charger.

Filling packs inside the top cover

When the battery has been in service for 400-500 days, please follow the cover sheet

illustration for refilling liquid. After being refilled, the service life of the system is expected to extend by 15%-30%. Some models do not have this function, users can ask professionals to perform fluid replacement (deionized water) maintenance.

Safe Use Precautions

Safety Precautions
1. Do not dismantle for repair or modify, or the system of sulfuric acid, lead will cause harm to people and the environment.
2. Do not shorten the positive and negative terminals of the system or system group,otherwise it will cause electric shock, fire or malfunction.
3. Please firmly connected to the terminal part of the bolt, if loose will become the cause of the fire.
4. Do not contaminate oil, water or other chemicals, otherwise there will be electric shock,fire, and the cause of the malfunction.
5. Be sure to cut off the mains power when installing the connection, and there is a risk of electric shock
6. Do not connect to a power supply other than the rated voltage, otherwise there will be a fire and the cause of the malfunction.
7. Do not use the system directly as AC power, otherwise it will become a fire, fault, damage reasons. (To make the system as an AC power supply, you
mustuse special equipment such as UPS.)
8. Do not place the system near fire, heat or fire, so as not to cause an explosion
9. Charging process will produce trace gas, when using, please pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation and maintain in the ventilation conditions.

Precautions for Use

1.Do not store and use in the following cases, otherwise it will
   be fault, acid leakage, leakage and other reasons
1.1. Outdoor and other places where direct rain or sunshine.
1.2. Foggy or icing places.
1.3. Locations with corrosive gases.
1.4. Humid heavier or dusty places.
1.5. Occurrence of shock or shock.
1.6. It should be stored in a cool, dry, clean environment.

2. LCD screen maintenance
2.1. Avoid hard objects to oppress the control panel.
2.2. Keep the screen, the interface clean and dry.
2.3. Always check the system display.
2.4. Be aware of the buzzer alarm.
2.5. Handle timely when the system alarms
2.6. System LCD screens and the circuit board shall be waterproof damp-proof,in the use of wet conditions, the LCD screen and system  could be in  abnormalfunctions.

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